Here are a few of our recent pieces. 

HOME PAGE: Timbers on Alkali Creek Montana Development

Client Challenge:  The Timbers on Alkali Creek is a 400 acre landscape for Montanans to build their dream home. This client needed help finding the time and the right words for the development’s Home Page.

Wild House Solution:  We wrote an optimized Home & Landing Page that emphasized the beauty and adventure that awaits building a dream home at The Timbers of Alkali Creek. 

about page: adventure elopement photographer, Samantha Drew

Client Challenge:  Samantha is an Adventure Elopement Photographer in the Grand Tetons. She’s always been a good writer, but she was struggling to write about herself in a way that was engaging and reflected who she was.

Wild House Solution:  We wrote Samantha an About Page that spoke to the heart of her ideal client while capturing her witty humor and fun-loving personality. This copy was SEO optimized without sounding like it. 

Home Page: Community Leadership & Development Program

Client Challenge:  The Hannah House (a program of CLDI) needed to update their Home Page to reflect the program’s mission, vision, and values. 

Wild House Solution:  We rewrote the page with enhanced messaging that encompassed the program’s development with an empathetic mission-driven tone.

What our clients say

"Erika wrote copy for my website and I was so impressed with her through the whole process. She sent a thorough questionnaire that allowed me to take a deep dive into my own business, which in turn she used to write copy that really felt like me."

"The beauty of Erika's support was that she took our copy from good and well-written to exceptional and vibrant. Instead of sticking with "good enough," she elevated our messaging to something even more special and thoughtful - more eye-catching."

"It has been wonderful having Erika help us talk about our business. She has provided consistent and clear content that echoes our brand values."

"Working with Wild House Writers is the best business decision I've made."

"Since working with Erika I have been able to devote my time and energy towards those aspects of my business that are within my strengths, skillsets and will ensure future growth of my company. I feel as though I can "rest easy" that my "brand" is being portrayed and communicated to others in a way that is true to who I am and what my company stands for, as well ensuring forward motion, growth and service to my clientele."

"Erika was so thoughtful and intentional in her questions as we spoke over zoom--you could tell that she really cares for each business she works with."